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Disclaimer – Drunk Desires Ltd

This document is incorporated into our standard terms and conditions of purchase which govern the purchase and ordering process.

Our Products are designed to be fun and entertaining, but they encourage responsible adults of a legal age to purchase and use. You will be asked to confirm that you are of the legal age to purchase our Products via our Website.

By purchasing our Products, you agree to the terms of this disclaimer. We do not warrant that any results will be obtained in the use of our Products and no part of our Website or its content constitutes advice in any way. Your use of our Products is at your sole risk. Alcohol is not a requirement to play any of our games and is therefore a personal choice.

These games are intended for entertainment purposes of responsible adults of legal drinking age and there should not be any underage drinking when playing these games.

We also do not encourage or recommend excessive drinking. 

We support and promote responsible drinking.  That means knowing your limits and drinking with caution and in moderation – especially when playing a drinking game. It is the players’ responsibility to monitor and moderate their own alcohol consumption. We recommend you follow the guidance notes in our Products for recommendations on how to play our Products sensibly.

Please do check your local laws and legislation around legal age limits of alcohol consumption. 

If you have any concerns or known illnesses which may pose a risk, we recommend you seek medical advice before playing our games.. 

This game is supposed to be fun. Do not do anything during or related to this game that is illegal, makes you uncomfortable, or puts your health, safety, or livelihood at risk.

The directions on the cards are merely suggestions. Modify them as needed for your safety and comfort level.

To the extent permissible by law, Drunk Desires, its owners, principals heirs, assigns, representatives, employees, and agents (“Drunk Desires Persons”) shall have no responsibility, collectively or individually and shall not be liable for special or consequential damages resulting from the use, or misuse, of our Website, our Products, , any alcohol consumption, any game rules, or playing any game, or regardless of whether Drunk Desires or any Drunk Desires Person has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

By referring to "We" or "Our" or "Us" in this document, this is Drunk Desires Ltd.